Campari Ambassador's favourite drink recipes

Monique Lane
Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Campari Ambassador's favourite drink recipes

Mauro Mahjoub is the Global Brand Ambassador for Campari, he came to Sydney to fuel the already fiery love for aperitivo in Australia. He has made the world's largest negroni, started the Campari Academy for training bartenders and owns The Negroni Bar in Munich. We love a good negroni or spritz before dinner or on a hot Summer afternoon. Quick to make, delicious and refreshing, learn how to impress guests with a simple aperitif at home.

What’s the secret to making a good cocktail at home?

The secret is to have a solid foundation of premium products and good ice.

Why don’t people do more of it?

Often because people are unsure of how to make good cocktails, or do not have time. Once people learn how easy and delicious it is to make a great aperitif at home, they love to do it. One of my favourites which is very simple to make is the Aperol Spritz – just three simple ingredients and a garnish and that’s it!

I hear you made the world’s largest negroni recently

Last year I was in New Orleans where we made ‘The World’s Largest Negroni’ – comprised of nearly 1,000 individual drinks.

It was authentically made of equal parts Campari, gin and sweet vermouth at a marquee event of the ‘Tales of the Cocktail’ festival. We made about 120 litres - I say ‘we’ because we were nine Italian barmen friends who are based around the world. We dressed as the Count Camillo Negroni (the famous drink’s namesake) with a presence of 400 guests including journalists. We offered traditional Italian parma ham and parmesan cheese, all accompanied by a jazz band. It was a fantastic afternoon.

Why do you love negronis so much?

The negroni is a great aperitif and is part of Italian culture. I evolved professionally making many negronis and also drinking them. Finally it has become the cocktail of every bartender in the world.

If you had to pick your last drink and the place you would have it, what would they be?

A nice negroni in front of the Opera House with a nice lady

Which bars have you liked in Australia?

Roosevelt, Eau de Vie, Stitch, Harlem and Der Raum.


25 mls of Campari
25 mls Red Vermouth
25 mls gin
Pour all the ingredients into a tumbler/ rocks glass with some ice, stir. Garnish with a slice of orange. Campari recommends Cinzano Rosso.

Aperol Spritz

The perfect Aperol Spritz is prepared in a tumbler and is as simple as 3, 2, 1
Add ice and a slice of orange
Pour 3 parts or 90ml Prosecco
Add 2 parts (60ml) Aperol
Top with 1 part (30ml) Soda
Stir gently and serve

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