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Low GI breakfast optionsgalleryLow GI breakfast optionsStart the day off on the right foot with a wholesome low GI breakfast. Low GI foods help stablise blood glucose levels so you can enjoy high energy levels and reduce those cravings for sugary snacks. Low GI meals – feel fuller for longerglanceLow GI meals – feel fuller for longerDining out can be difficult when you’re looking for meals that have a low GI, but still retain all the flavour of your favourite foods. Save yourself the trouble this season, by browsing through our wide selection of low GI recipes and cooking yourself up the solution.Low GI meals are good for keeping you feeling fuller for longer as the carbs release their energy more gradually. For more delicious meal ideas check out the rest of... The GI factorarticleThe GI factorThe glycaemic index (GI factor) is a ranking of foods from 0 to 100 that tells us how quickly the carbohydrate in food is converted to glucose for the body to use. Learn why it is so important.
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