At Home with Kylie Kwong

Thursday, May 29, 2008
Pic: Kylie Kwong

This week, Recipe Finder gets inside the home of Lifestyle FOOD chef Kylie Kwong to discover what goes on beyond her four walls. Our quick-fire Q&A reveals her favourite dish for a quick family filler, her worst cooking habit (yes, even chefs have them), and the ingredient she always has sitting in her pantry — plus lots more besides!

Q1. After a long hard day, what do you cook up at home for a quick and easy family meal?

Organic T- bone steak with garden salad.

Q2. Friends unexpectedly drop by and you ask them to stay for dinner. What do you cook on unplanned entertaining occasions like this?

Fried rice, soy chicken wings.

Q3. What's your favourite Friday night meal and where will you eat it – home or out?

Sean's Panaroma, Bondi Beach. Roast chicken and green salad.

Q4. What ingredients are always in your pantry?

Olive oil, tamari, organic Fair Trade cane sugar, Fair Trade chocolate, sea salt.

Q5. What food couldn't you live without?

Any type of seafood!

Q6. Does your family get involved with the cooking at home? And do they ever cook for you?

Yes, my mum and two brothers all cook and yes they cook for me.

Q7. What's your secret indulgence food?

Fair Trade dark chocolate.

Q8. What's your favourite aisle of the supermarket?

The organic section.

Q9. What's the best quick and easy dish to serve young, hungry kids?

Soy chicken wings, noodles and fried rice.

Q10. If you could have only three foods on a dessert island, what would they be?

Queensland mud crab, sashimi kingfish, organic chicken.

Q11. What do you consider to be the most versatile ingredient in your cooking?

Organic soy.

Q12. What's your most valuable cooking tip for cooking novices?

Use only fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Q13. What's your worst eating/cooking habit?

Using every saucepan and dish in the house and making a mess!

Q14. Which cooking appliance couldn't you live without?

My Le Creuset pots and pans.

Q15. If you could invite five famous people to a dinner party, who would they be?

  • Alice Waters (American food person)
  • Michael Pollan (food author)
  • Kath and Kim
  • Jamie Oliver

    Q16.Which fellow TV chef is most likely to be on your TV at home?

    Jamie Oliver.

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