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How to make ricotta cheeseHow to make ricotta cheeseHere's the thing, you can go to the supermarket after work, possibly pluck the 001 ticket from the deli counter and stand for only 1 minute before the attendant notices you. You can buy a kilo of... Chilli blue swimmer crabsChilli blue swimmer crabsLet's not kid ourselves that crustaceans, in particular crab, are the daintiest things to eat (unless some poor sucker before you has had the job of cleaning them). Contending with all those legs,... Spicy whole roasted cauliflowerSpicy whole roasted cauliflowerCauliflower loves you, it always has, even when it was a grey mulch forlornly lying next to your Sunday roast. Many people shun brassica vegetables. It is more than likely they've thoroughly... Blood orange cured barramundiBlood orange cured barramundiCured fish is a thing of wonder. It can be more convenient than driving to the shops and buying a burger. You can have lunch or dinner ready with a few squeezes of a lime after adding some herbs and... Lime and pecan biscuitsLime and pecan biscuitsI know I've raved on about finding the perfect biscuit recipe in the past, but I'm not joking this time. I really have happened upon it. Everyone in my immediate vicinity at home and work seems to... How to make your own bagelsHow to make your own bagelsThink about the very best bagel you have ever eaten. Delicious, right? Chewy, smooth and dense like a big savoury doughnut. Now take that bagel, the very best one you have ever eaten, and multiply... Hummingbird porridgeHummingbird porridgeNo-one will ever make porridge like my dad used to make it. I can't put my finger on it and goodness knows I have tried but since he joined the big butcher shop in the sky in the early '80s, I have... Almond gazpacho with blue swimmer crab and grapesAlmond gazpacho with blue swimmer crab and grapesI recently spent some time in the wilds of Kangaroo Island, South Australia and given that it was the tail end of winter, the last thing I thought I would be eating is a beautifully smooth chilled... Thai wombok saladThai wombok saladWe never really had Thai food when I was growing up. We were strictly a fried rice and sweet and sour pork family, not too much divergence from the old 'special' No.3: lemon chicken/chow mein/rice... Split pea and smoked ham soupSplit pea and smoked ham soupI have spoken at length before about how much savoury mince scarred my childhood culinary experiences but I encountered another beauty on the weekend that I never thought would be made right. Pea and... Carpetbag steak with burnt butter and bacon dressingCarpetbag steak with burnt butter and bacon dressingThrow as many foams and sprinkles at me as you like, fads and trends in food are fun while they last but there is nothing better than an old classic. Mandarin and hazelnut cake with mandarin syrupMandarin and hazelnut cake with mandarin syrupWhen it comes to cakes, I am firmly on the dense side of the fence rather than the light and airy. A dense cake is satisfying and filling, tantamount to a meal. Sure, an angel cake or chiffon cake... Crispy fried chickenCrispy fried chickenIsn't it strange when a food item takes on the name of a business or region when in fact it bears little resemblance to the real deal. Yes, it's chicken, yes it's fried, but it's just as likely to be... Spanish seafood stewSpanish seafood stewMy friends up there in the Northern Hemisphere are currently waist deep in sparkling blue waters and frolicking on white sands whilst we are in the depths of a bitter cold snap. They sit around fire... Crab and caper devilled eggsCrab and caper devilled eggsSay goodbye to Mexican food and hello to retro! Someone out there in the hipsterverse has decided that all old food trends are new again and devilled eggs are popping up on some pretty posh menus. Self-saucing chocolate puddings like deep spaceSelf-saucing chocolate puddings like deep spaceAbout six months ago I bought a sphericfication kit. What is that, you ask? A spherification kit allows you to make teeny tiny balls out of just about anything. Olive oil? Of course. Mint jelly? Yes!... Sorrel, speck and caramelised onion tartsSorrel, speck and caramelised onion tartsWhen hosting a dinner party my natural instinct is to serve seafood as a starter. It's impressive, it's delicious and frankly, it says to your guests, "Hey, you're special to me so I have used some... The best Welsh rarebit this side of LlanfairpwllgwyngyllThe best Welsh rarebit this side of LlanfairpwllgwyngyllLegend has it that the Welsh peasants who assisted on hunting expeditions where not allowed to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Instead of being given a rabbit leg to munch on, they were given a... Apple crumble biscuitsApple crumble biscuitsThese Apple crumble biscuits hark back to that time, but without the mouth cloying effects. They are buttery and sweet and can be made relatively quickly – certainly as quick as a 1970s packet...
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