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Everything you need to know about lamb

Thursday, July 19, 2012
Lamb shank potato and bean pot

Lamb is a known favourite for many families. Meat cut from different parts of the lamb has different characteristics and should be handled in different ways. There are also some great benefits for kids' nutrition. Here’s a guide.


Forequarter: Sourced from the front of the lamb, this is an inexpensive cut which is ideal for slow cooking. Forequarter chops can also be pan-fried or barbecued for a great value meal.

Shank: Shanks are cut from the leg or the forequarter and come with the bone intact. They’re perfect for slow cooking on a low temperature until the meat just falls away from the bone.

Baby & Toddler Club: Lamb fillet puree

Cutlets: The meat of the cutlet is exquisitely tender meat. Buy them as a full rack or in individual cutlets. Cutlets respond well to marinades.

Loin chops

Lamb sirloin and lamb fillet: The middle of the lamb provides numerous cuts of tender meat including loin chops, sirloin and fillet steak. It’s more expensive and more tender than some of the other cuts and is well-suited to fast-cooked pan fries and stir fries.

Lamb rump and chump chops: The rump of the lamb provides both chump chops and rump steak, both of which are great value cuts. Barbecue the chops and save the steaks for longer-cooked dishes such as curries and casseroles.

Leg The lamb: Leg roast is an Australian tradition. It’s worth noting that this part of the lamb also yields the leg steak, which is a much leaner option than the old-fashioned whole-leg roast.


Lamb is a valuable source of minerals including niacin, iron and zinc, as well as omega-3 fats and vitamin B12 and protein. It’s a great source of iron for babies and can be introduced from around eight months. If you're having lamb, here's a lamb fillet puree recipe so your baby can enjoy some too.


Cutlets aren’t the cheapest of the lamb cuts, but they have long been a firm favourite with toddlers and pre-schoolers. The trimmed bones serve as "handles" (wrap them in a bit of paper towel or a napkin if you wish) and the succulent circle of meat is the most mouth-watering savoury treat imaginable.

Lamb shank potato and bean pot

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