Not sure what to do with those old bananas that seemingly became withered and brown in the fruit bowl overnight? Find a happy home for your overripe bananas by using them in a delicious banana cake recipe. In fact the riper the banana, the better, as green bananas contain high levels of starch, which break down into sugar as the banana softens and ripens, so those old bananas will actually give your banana cake extra sweetness. If only cake was the answer to everything.

If you've never made a banana cake recipe before, you will be surprised by how simple and quick it is to prepare — and you'll never buy supermarket banana bread ever again. In fact, what is the difference between a banana bread and banana cake recipe? A good question, considering many of the same ingredients are found in both. It could come down to the shape and type of mould (loaf pan or round tin) you bake it in, but ultimately depends on whether you prefer the texture more moist and dense like bread, or lighter and sweeter, as any great banana cake recipe should be!

Bananas pair wonderfully with chocolate and other fruit and vegies like coconut or carrot, so there are plenty of variations on a simple banana cake recipe to try. To ice or not to ice your banana cake is also the question! There are few things better than a slice of hot banana cake straight from the oven, but the banana cake recipe keeps so well in the fridge, you can always choose to ice it at a later stage.

Perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea, we've got banana cake recipes that even nanna will be asking for.

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