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Delicious egg breakfastsglanceDelicious egg breakfastsScrambled, poached, boiled, fried or flipped into an omelette, the egg is a versatile ingredient that can be a meal or snack.Great on its own, with a little salt and pepper, eggs are best combined with greens, veggies, toast and (even better) bacon.Here are some of our favourite egg recipes to start your day. Special Easter breakfast ideasgallerySpecial Easter breakfast ideasWith a whole long weekend to play with, why not wake up at your leisure and cook up some of these scrumptious breakfast recipes for the family?We guarantee our collection of mouth-watering meal ideas are the tastiest way to satisfy those post-lent cravings!Don't forget to check out the rest of our delicious breakfast recipes here. Low GI breakfast optionsgalleryLow GI breakfast optionsStart the day off on the right foot with a wholesome low GI breakfast. Low GI foods help stablise blood glucose levels so you can enjoy high energy levels and reduce those cravings for sugary snacks. How to make pancakesgalleryHow to make pancakesIf you don't want to end up with an eggy, floury mess where there should be golden brown pancakes, you had better read the following advice. Whether they are pancakes, pikelets, fritters or crepes these options are filling, delicious, versatile and made of simple ingredients you're likely to have on hand. Study casts doubt on big breakfast theoryarticleStudy casts doubt on big breakfast theoryNew research has debunked the myth that eating a big breakfast means people will eat a smaller lunch and dinner.
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