There is quite possibly no other meat as marvellously versatile as the chicken. In fact, there are probably as many chicken recipes out there as there are jokes about why it crossed the road — and infinitely better ones at that. From the chicken breast to bones, legs, livers, thighs and tenderloins, every part of the bird can be used to roast, steam, grill, barbeque, fry or cook in inventive ways. No wonder the first thing a foreign taste or flavour is most often compared with is chicken.

Of all chicken recipes, the roast chicken is the one that remains closest to the epicurean bosom. For most of us, the roast chicken may evoke fond food memories of sitting around the family table on Sunday, or even take you back to your first perfectly juicy thigh on a bed of seasonal vegetables at a restaurant.

Cooking the textbook roast chicken recipe may take a fair amount of practice, but with simple tricks and tips you can wow your friends and family and significantly boost your culinary-kudos. Do you always remember to cover the chicken with foil and let it rest for at least 15 minutes out of the oven? This, and other simple tips, will reward you with consistently tender and succulent roasts.

Chicken recipes grace just about every cook book on the planet; chicken soup for comfort food, chicken breast and salad for the health-conscious and traditional chicken curries from every corner of the globe. So carve into the thousands of chicken recipes on our site and pluck a few to add to your very own repertoire of chicken recipes!

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