We all know that the dessert stomach is an entirely different stomach and that no matter how full you are, there is always room for ice cream. Always. desservir , meaning 'to clear the table'. Usually we cook up a dessert recipe to help clear or cleanse our palates, or for a lingering sweetness to end a satisfying meal. Traditionally the French finish their meal with fruits, cheeses and wine, but typical dessert recipes in countries like England, Australia and the United States, range from hot puddings and cakes to cold jellies, biscuits and cupcakes.

In fact there are as many dessert recipes out there as there are savoury ones, and plenty of cold dessert recipes can in fact be prepared hours or even a day or so in advance, making it easy for the home entertainer to prepare for large dinner parties. A great dessert recipe is a perfect way to finish a dinner party, and will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Dessert recipes are a wonderful way to introduce children to the kitchen to start cooking. If they're perpetually hanging around, waiting to lick the mixing bowl, why not let them start helping with the small stuff, teaching them about measurements and quantities, and other handy cooking techniques that will set your mini pastry chefs up for life.

Desserts recipes can be as easy or hard as you want them to be, so whether you're whipping up a quick after-work treat or aiming to indulge a crowd with creative confectionary, you'll find every dessert recipe here you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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