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Essential Omega-3 rich dishesgalleryEssential Omega-3 rich dishesClick through our gallery of 'essential fatty acid' rich dishes and improve your health today. Family fish recipes for Good FridayglanceFamily fish recipes for Good FridayIf you're Christian, or you just like a bit of tradition, you'll be eating fish for Good Friday.But that doesn't need to mean a greasy, fried up piece of flake from your local fish and chippery.Why not cook up a fish curry? Or season a whole fish and slow roast it for fall-off-the-bone goodness?We're sure you'll find plenty to inspire you in this collection. The best of summer seafoodglanceThe best of summer seafoodWe are a land girt by sea and swimming with waterways, so make the most of it with these beautiful, fresh summer seafood recipes.With inspiring ideas from cuisines around the world, you'll create your own catch of the day.For more sumptious seafood check out our collection of summer seafood recipes here. Five ways to sneak fish into kids' dietsarticleFive ways to sneak fish into kids' dietsGetting kids to eat well can be a challenge. While it’s easier to encourage children to eat meat or hide the odd vegetable in more palatable foods, getting them to tackle fish can be a much trickier proposition. But, fish forms an essential part of a healthy diet and ideally should be eaten twice a week, so it pays to be persistent. To make it easier, try these top tips on how to make fish more appealing to kids. Barbecue Moroccan whole snapper with herbed sweet potato saladarticleBarbecue Moroccan whole snapper with herbed sweet potato saladI do feel a little guilty when I lavishly present guests with a whole baked fish and they 'ooo and ah' over how fantastic it looks and how spoilt they feel – little do they know that it is one of the simplest ways to cook it.
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