Caketails: Cocktail cupcakes
Whiskey Sour from <a href=>Caketails by Posey</a>

Caketails: Cocktail cupcakes

AEST 00:00, Fri Aug 3 2012
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Blending the alcoholic awesomeness of cocktails with the sugary stupendousness of cupcakes, a new breed of evil geniuses is creating what has to be our favourite food trend in a long while — caketails.

Being pioneered by London bakers CakeTails By Posey and Molly Bakes the trend is picking up lots of attention online, with food and drink connoisseurs drooling at the thought of them.

From chocolate Guinness cakes to margaritas and whiskey sours, there is something for all liquor-loving palates.

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Whiskey Sour from <a href=>Caketails by Posey</a>
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Whiskey Sour from Caketails by Posey
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