Cake decorating disasters
Blogger Jen's favourite; The

Cake decorating disasters

AEST 00:00, Mon Sep 10 2012
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For the last four years, cake decorators have provided Florida blogger Jen Yates with a hilarious supply of "unintentionally silly, sad, creepy or inappropriate" misadventures.

Her blog Cake Wrecks has been the subject of two books to date, compiling cake decorating disasters with the weirdest intentional designs imaginable.

It all began with a gaffe Jan has dubbed the "literal LOL", where instructions for the cake end up on the cake, word for word.

"I also love cannibalistic baby shower cakes and the just plain bizarre, like a fleet of tiny plastic babies riding carrots, or an edible naked mole rat."

These are some of her favourite Cake Wrecks to date.
Blogger Jen's favourite; The
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Blogger Jen's favourite; The "literal LOL"
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