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Fifteen ways with risottoarticleFifteen ways with risottoFrom everyday to gourmet, risotto is the ultimate versatile dish. This classic Italian meal isn't as difficult as you may think, makes a great meal for when friends drop by unexpedectedly, and can be adapted many different ways. Click through for a few of our favourite combinations. How to make perfect fried ricearticleHow to make perfect fried riceFried rice has become a much-loved staple globally, from Sydney to Shanghai, made in endless variations. Besides its takeaway popularity, it is also a quick, cheap, tasty dish that is easy to make at home. Malaysian dishes to try at homearticleMalaysian dishes to try at homeFrom a dish of sweet sambal prawns, to a delectable bowl of vegetable laksa, Malaysian cuisine offers up some of the tastiest treats in the world and is a sure-fire way to put a smile on a guest's face. Have a go at some of these authentic Malaysian meal ideas. Amazing Japanese bento boxesarticleAmazing Japanese bento boxesFrom animal inspiration to recreations of the most classic artistic masterpieces, these amazing bento boxes prove that food might very well be the ultimate form of art. Chinese cuisine to make at homearticleChinese cuisine to make at homeIf the only Chinese cuisine you've ever sampled has been from grimey take-away containers, then trust us, you've never really had Chinese
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