Why is it that Indian food in restaurants and take-away shops always tastes so mouth-wateringly flavoursome and yet the moment you try and recreate Indian recipes at home, they're dull and bland? Well, start by putting that jar of pre-made spice paste back in the cupboard.

There's nothing that will make your Indian recipes more authentic than using fresh herbs and spices, which you can grind in a mortar and pestle or blend with a small food processor. Making your own homemade paste for curry recipes will add vibrancy and depth of flavour, plus you know it's entirely natural, with no preservatives or artificial colours. Of course, if pressed for time, even packet spices are better than pre-made!

Indian cuisine in Australia can be quite limited in terms of variety, with the typical tandoori chicken and vindaloo appearing on most menus, which does not adequately reflect the astounding diversity of Indian recipes, nor the different cultural influences on Indian food. The Indian recipes of the northern regions near the Himalayas possess distinct Nepalese and Tibetan influences, and are incomparable to the spicy Southern Indian recipes, for example.

Across the subcontinent a plethora of spices, herbs, aromatics and vegetables are used in many combinations, characterising the various influences in each region. Often different Indian curry recipes, chutneys and accompaniments are found on one platter, called a Thali, which is a great idea to try when entertaining or for a family feast.

Some staples of Indian cuisine include rice to accompany and pulses like lentils, mung and dal, as vegetarianism is widespread throughout the subcontinent. Along coastal regions like Goa and Kerala, seafood and fish curry recipes are quite popular, and Indian sweets are loved everywhere! You'll find a range of Indian recipes on our site as diverse as the country itself, so you'll never be buying pre-made paste ever again.

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