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Make a meal from MalaysiaglanceMake a meal from MalaysiaSitting at the tip of south-east Asia, Malaysian cuisine is influenced by the countries around it: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India and China.That cultural mix means Malay ranges from curries to laksa, from stir-fried noodles to simple salads.Malaysians have perfected the balance of sweet and sour, spicy and comforting flavours to create national dishes worth sharing around the world.Serve this dishes with a helping of nasi lemak - steamed rice that has been... Six ways with noodlesgallerySix ways with noodlesTABLE's 6 ways with noodles Fried flat noodles Malaysian fried noodles Chinese spaghetti Grilled meatballs with vermicelli Chicken coriander noodle soup Pad Thai
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