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Pizza Hut releases perfumeglancePizza Hut releases perfumePizza Hut have basically done it all, from hot dog fillings to kit kat dough and 'squirting' crusts.Having conquered the pizza world, they're branching out into cosmetics, with the release of their first fragrance.The perfume, which smells like (you guessed it) pizza, is limited, with just 50 released in the country.Click through our gallery for more weird and wonderful pizza creations. Delicious weekend pizza recipesglanceDelicious weekend pizza recipesWe never seem to be able to find time in the week to make pizza from scratch, but the weekend is the perfect time to get busy with flour and toppings. Here is a selection of our best pizza recipes starting with a video run through of Curtis Stone's latest creation. Enjoy!Don't forget to check out the rest of our pizza recipes here.For the perfect pizza dough and tomato sauce base, check out our Fridge magnet that lets you order pizza by pressing a buttonarticleFridge magnet that lets you order pizza by pressing a buttonIt sounds like the future of pizza ordering has arrived in the form of a tiny fridge magnet, with a one-touch mechanism for quicker and more efficient delivery. Chocolate pizzaarticleChocolate pizzaThe Deputy General Manager of Max Brenner Australia, Jung Shin, joined TODAY to make a delicious chocolate pizza. How to make pizza dougharticleHow to make pizza doughNothing beats a home-baked pizza for both freshness and versatility, and with such a wide variety of toppings to choose from, there's a pizza for every taste. Choose a recipe from our delicious pizza collection and get baking tonight.
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