Many people think that salads are simple and easy to throw together, and while this is perfectly true in certain cases, some of the best salads are also like works of art — think Peter Gilmore's delicate creations, inspired by nature and carefully arranged on the plate.

Everybody's favourite glutton, Homer Simpson, once declared "you don't make friends with salad", but we believe that you'll definitely please and impress yours with these healthy salad recipes!

Of course, we don't expect you to conceive salad masterpieces at home every night, but it's easy enough to forget that, like any dish, salad recipes should contain a thoughtful combination of ingredients to reflect a balance of flavours, colours, and textures. This is where we come in. To those that think salad is always preceded by 'chicken ceasar', we've certainly got news for you; our salads appear across every type of cuisine, of both the warm and cold variety, and for all seasons and occasions.

No matter whether you've got a side dish or a wholesome and satisfying meal in mind, don't forget the key element to bringing your salad recipes together is the salad dressing, and that this too needs to be weighed against other components in the salad. A great dressing can be the difference between boring and brilliant, and can often be interchangeable between different salad recipes and veggie variations.

Browse through hundreds of our delicious salad recipes ranging from old favourites and new favourites to creative and healthy recipes, to gain ideas for the best salad recipes on the block — the chopping block that is!

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