There may be plenty of other fish in the sea, but perhaps none as versatile and delicious as salmon, which is why we've brought together a collection of salmon recipes that will make your head swim!

There are many different kinds of salmon fish, but the kind we find most often behind the glass at fishmongers and supermarkets in Australia is Atlantic salmon, which you can purchase as steaks, fillets or even whole for a special occasion salmon recipe.

Salmon is a highly nutritious source of protein that is low in cholesterol and contains a host of vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty oils essential for good health. Swap it for any other kind of meat in a variety of dishes and you're well on the way to consuming the recommended one to two serves of fish per week. You'll just need to treat a salmon recipe with a little more delicacy than you would with other meat recipes, as it can be easy to overcook.

Choosing fresh fish for your salmon recipe is also important. Things to look out for are clear, bright eyes and a mild sea smell that is not too fishy or pungent. Make sure you get the salmon back in the fridge quickly and then cook as soon as possible after purchase, or alternatively you can also freeze salmon up to three months.

Smoked salmon recipes are also a great way to introduce fish into your diet, especially for breakfast, as the salty flavour and buttery texture really complements ingredients such as eggs and avocado. Salmon recipes can be cooked in an endless variety of ways - baked, steamed, fried, roasted, or even filleted raw in sashimi dishes for a healthy meal any time of the day.

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Green tea steamed salmon with seasonal wok vegetablesarticleGreen tea steamed salmon with seasonal wok vegetablesThis recipe comes from Paris’s largest private cooking school, l’Atelier des Chefs. It’s a great fusion of Asian flavours and French preparation techniques that is relatively simple to prepare using whatever vegetables you have at hand. You will need a wok, steaming rack, two Earl Grey teabags and matcha tea powder which you can find easily at your local Asian grocer. Cooking salmonarticleCooking salmonSmooth sailing when cooking with salmon.
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