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The best of summer seafoodglanceThe best of summer seafoodWe are a land girt by sea and swimming with waterways, so make the most of it with these beautiful, fresh summer seafood recipes.With inspiring ideas from cuisines around the world, you'll create your own catch of the day.For more sumptious seafood check out our collection of summer seafood recipes here. Moules marinierearticleMoules mariniereI'm beginning to think that for the sake of cut price vegetables and fresh seafood, the markets are no place to nourish an otherwise healthy relationship. Our new Sunday ritual is to jump out of bed and head straight to the markets in the city to get fruit and vegetables for the week. While it started out as a fun excursion, we have quickly realised that no amount of saving is quite worth the pain. Seafood extravaganza: Six ways with prawnsarticleSeafood extravaganza: Six ways with prawnsA weekend spring lunch wouldn't be complete without a tempting prawn dish on the table, so impress the hungry hoards this season by giving these deliciously simple recipe ideas a whirl. Sydney Seafood School: something fishyarticleSydney Seafood School: something fishyAustralians love their seafood. We've been talking it up to the rest of the world for years, throwing a truckload of prawns (or shrimp) on the barbie, kissing barramundi all over the shop and waving our lobsters under international noses. But do we really know what we're doing when it comes to cooking our little fishy friends? The sushi kidarticleThe sushi kidAfter attending the Japanese Culinary Institute's sushi cooking class, it seems I've been taking the Oriental cooking art for granted. After consuming the equivalent of half my mortgage repayments on sushi trains each month, the class reminded me that scaling and cutting the sashimi and rolling the fiddly sushi rolls was no easy task.
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